Kisaragi Sai  - 02.02.2017

Kisaragi Sai
This year's festival is even greater!
3-6pm, you can enjoy stalls by Japanese artists and cultural demonstrations and experience such as ikebana, origami, yoga, aikido, Japanese drumming and more.
At 6pm to 6:20pm is Bon Odori. 
Eveyone show up in Yukata, and do Bon Dancing in a circle. (This is the tradition of Japanese Summar festivals). Then cosplayers will arrive with lantern parade.
6:45 - 8:30 is Your Name on screen!!
Don't forget to stop by at the Hello Kitty Booth!! You can get BJLC school info and buy some Japanese textbooks as well! (For kids to adult. Cash Only. Numbers very limited, so please come earlier.)